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What is AAASPR?

AAASPR aka Astia Approved Analogue Signal Path Release is all about audio quality. It is a more accurate version of SPARS code that tells about the signal path of an audio release and guarantees the best possible listening experience.

AAASPR label is awarded to analogue signal path releases that are completed at Astia-studio. It guarantees that the audio was recorded, mixed and mastered on magnetic tape without conversion to digital (A/D and D/A conversion). The format must be analogue so it’s either a vinyl record or cassette. And also during the duplication process the signal path stays analogue.

AAASPR guarantees that all playing and singing on the release are both played and sang by humans without computer editing. In other words the drums are not quantized nor replaced with samples, instead of software the amps are real, and all vocal tracks are genuinely sang without any computer-based pitch correction and without copy/paste.

The people who have been awarded the AAASPR stamp on their release want you to experience the best possible listening experience, which can be achieved with analogue signal path. To get the best out the music you should avoid any digital conversion also during playback.

This is a list with all AAASPR approved cassette and vinyl record releases. By clicking under the name of the release you can order it. Astia-studio receives no percentage or other compensation from the orders. Clicking the link doesn’t obligate you to buy. The sole purpose is to help you enjoy music with the best possible quality and for the musicians to reach as wide audience as possible.

AAASPR releases


Cold Dogs

Dr. Papas (Pure Blues & Rock’n Roll)

  • Debut album. Will be released as vinyl record in spring 2023.
    Pre-order the vinyl record directly from the band.


Grobéty, Florian


Motion in the Ocean

Niitty- ja Kytömäki


  • Cassette EP. Will be released in spring 2023.
    Pre-order the cassette directly from the band.

Satanic Warmaster



  • The Chosen Four, album. Will be released during 2023.
    Pre-order the vinyl record directly from the band.
    Pre-order the cassette directly from the band.


Spell of Torment



Latest update December 29th 2022.

Is your dream to have your own AAASPR release?

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