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Studio A

Our world-class full analog professional recording studio is equipped with 88 input Trident Vector 432 mixing console w/ VCA automation, Otari MTR-90mk2 2″ 24ch and Studer A812 1/4″.

These bands among countless others have recorded and/or mixed their music at Astia-studio A: Children of Bodom, Ensiferum, Endstand and Teräsbetoni.

16 onboard and 27 outboard compressors (incl. LA2A, 4 x 1176, Drawmer 1968 Mercenary Edition etc.), 13 outboard effect processors (incl. two EMT-140, Lexicon 224 and model 200 etc.) and Furman HDS-16 analog headphone monitoring system with 9 individual HRM-16 personal mixers.

Auratone, Yamaha NS-10 and Mackie HR824mk2 speakers. Live-end dead-end drum room, three isolation booths and a vocal booth.

In the summer of 2022 Astia-studio A was the first Finnish recording studio that received a rare VOVOX purum certificate. It guarantees that sound is conducted using high-quality VOVOX cables.

Astia-studio A drum room

 “Energy, expression and depth are making a comeback in music.”

Studio B

Our DAW using professional recording studio is equipped with 72 input Trident Vector 432 and Neve 44 Series 16 channel mixing consoles.

These bands among countless others have recorded and/or mixed their music at Astia-studio B: Stam1na, Viikate, WÖYH!, Mokoma and Kotiteollisuus.

24 onboard compressors. 8 separate stereo headphone mixes. Yamaha NS-10, Genelec 1019A and Adam A7 speakers. Live-end dead-end drum room, two isolation booths and a vocal booth.

The importance of drum room

“Instead of working on your album for years, it could be done much faster with superior quality.”

The making of a vinyl master the old school way

Curious about the full analog experience?


Accommodate at the studio.

The luxurious main accommodation is located upstairs and has a separate bedroom, kitchen, living room and bathroom. 140 year old wooden walls, natural stone and rusty metal details create a highly unique and creative atmosphere that can be heard on the albums we make.

HC-sauna and especially the “Round of Honour” are very special experiences on their own…

Lots of leisure activities, a market around the corner, walking distance from downtown and a beautiful lake view along with a variety of sightseeings will make your stay a very pleasant full analog experience.

Anssi Kippo

Platinum selling music producer and the heart of professional recording studio Astia who spreads the gospel of analog sound. “After years of walking the digital path, music just felt wrong and I didn’t want to hear a single note outside work. When I started experimenting with analog equipment I soon ditched the digital console. And once I started recording on tape, I finally found the joy of music again and it gives us all goose bumps!”.

Both studios have Trident Vector 432 mixing consoles. The same model has been used on several Rammstein, Björk, Roxette, Manic Street Preachers and dozens of platinum-selling artists’ albums. A-studio console has VCA automation which makes tape session mixes fast and easy. ABBA had the very same YellowTec automation installed in their console back in the days.

“When others spend days mixing one song, I usually complete 3–4 songs per day when mixing songs I have recorded on tape.” Anssi smiles and says “Once you get tired of the cold, hollow and flat result of digital recording, we can help you improve the quality of your music a lot!” Anssi delivers a full analog experience and that usually is life changing. This analog enthusiastic keeps spreading the gospel of analog sound!

Curious about the full analog experience?


Full-analog Astia-studio is on a mission to bring back the energy and emotion with over 25 years of recording experience.



Kaakkoiskaari 9
53500 Lappeenranta
+358 40 505 1595