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VOVOX purum

VOVOX purum certificate

The very rare VOVOX purum certificate is issued to a studio when their signal path meets the highest quality standards. Since the summer of 2022 Astia-studio A has met those standards by completely rewiring their sound conductors with the products of Swiss cable manufacturer VOVOX. Astia-studio is the first Finnish studio to recive the VOVOX purum certificate.

When it comes to audio quality, I settle for nothing but the best. Not only do I record with magnetic tape at Astia-studio A, but now I do so exclusively with VOVOX cables. The audio quality is only as good as the weakest link in the signal chain. With VOVOX cables I can be sure that no information is lost, including brightness. Everything translates to the finest detail.
– Anssi Kippo, owner/Astia-studio

At Astia-studio A sound is conducted from microphone to mixing console, from mixing console to both multitrack and stereo tape machines and back using VOVOX cables. We use both the shielded and un-shielded balanced Sonorus Protect and Sonorus Direct sound conducters. The difference to regular cables is impossible to explain by words – you need to experience it yourself.

For several years I have demonstrated to every guitarist and bassist how amazingly huge difference there is between instrument cables. Without exception they all decided to record using the VOVOX instrument, speaker and power cables. This gave inspiration to start comparing other cables at Astia-studio and I noticed most of them were losing brightness. With VOVOX sound conducters the brightness is not lost, sound is much more present and you’ll notice much more details than before.
– Anssi Kippo, owner/Astia-studio

Once you know what to concentrate on a simple comparison literally speaks volumes. So to understand the phenomenon, you need to experience it.

Astia-studio relys on VOVOX cables

Astia-studio imports VOVOX cables to Finland. We distribute only such products that we love to use.

Reserve a demonstration at Astia-studio to experience VOVOX sound conductors.

We ship VOVOX cables also to other countries. Contact us here when you want to order VOVOX cables.


VOVOX purum is an in-house quality label that certifies that the transmission of audio signals meets the highest quality standards. The Swiss manufacturer awards the purum label wherever only VOVOX sound conductors are used.

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