Sending files for mixing

All files should be 44.1kHz 24bit AIFF or WAVE files.

Please export all tracks as mono. Keyboard and sequence tracks can be stereo.
Always export all the tracks starting 2 bars before the song starts.

Put all the tracks from each song to the song folder. No sub-folders!!!


Naming the tracks:

Always include rough mix of the song and sound reference.
Please make sure that the sound reference is not mp3 but with cd-quality.

If there are tempo changes mark 120-160-120-110bpm on the folder name.
In case of tempo changes please include a midi track or written info on which bar the tempo changes.

If you have special effects like delay/chorus/reverb on for example clean guitar,
you can include both the original and effect tracks. Don't forget to mention about it on the info letter. Same goes with vocal effects such as cutting or extreme auto-tune effect. If you have already done it during recording / production, it's faster to use it also on the mix.

If guitars or bass need re-amping please mark "direct" to those tracks like "Gtr01Ldirect".

Please put different sounding guitars on separate tracks.

If you need more information or have any questions, please feel free to contact us directly.